Main Window

Main window of the FileSearch application.


Available Since: FileSearch Version 1.0.0
Online Help: Main Window.
Window Type
Resizable frame window


A screenshot of the Main window of FileSearch.

Menu Bar


Standard Windows application File menu.

Exit FileSearch application. If the search result list in the Search Results pane is not empty, the user will be prompted before exiting.

Standard Windows application Edit menu.

Edit FileSearch settings.

Standard Windows application Help menu.

Table of Contents...
Table of contents of the help files.
Version and copyright information of FileSearch.

Window Panes

Folder Tree The left pane of the Main Window contains the folder tree.
Folder Contents The right pane of the Main Window has tree tabs. When the "Files in Folder" tab is selected, the contents of the right pane of the Main Window are the files in the selected folder.
Search Results When the "Search Results" tab is selected, the contents of the right pane of the Main Window is used to search recursively in the selected folder.
Activity Log When the "Activities Log" tab is selected, the right pane of the Main Window displays the activity log.

Status Bar

Status Text A text message for the current status of the FileSearch application.
Progress Bar When scanning disk for deleted partitions, folders, and files, a progress bar is displayed on the right-hand side of the Status Bar.

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