Edit settings for the FileSearch application.


Launch From: Main Window
Available Since: FileSearch Version 1.0.0
Online Help: Settings.
Located at
Main Window    Menu Bar    Edit      Settings
Dialog Type


A screenshot of the Settings dialog box.


Network Locations

A list of network locations. Highlight a row and press the Delete key to delete an entry. Click on the existing texts to edit. To add a new entry, click in the blank row, type in the path and notes, and then press the enter key.

The URI of a local network location via Windows share. For example: \\\c$, \\myserver\myhomedirectory
User entered notes such as "My Home Folder on Server".
Show Physical Disks When selected, all physcal disks are displayed in the Folder Tree.
Show System Files When selected, system folders are displayed in the Folder Tree. Relevant systems files are included in the Folder Contents as well as in the Search Results.
OK Apply and save settings, and close the dialog box.
Cancel Close the dialog box without apply the setting changes. Changes will not be saved.

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