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Online Business Pro™ is an all-in-one turnkey online business solution for small to medium size businesses. You can host the entire software system in-house at your business location. You own the computer server hardware, and Online Business Pro™ software sytem license allows you to operate your website as well as all back-end servers with no time limit, all at extremely affordable prices.

For an online small business, Online Business Pro™ automatically manages online storefronts and product inventories. In addition, it can handle printing shipping labels, emailing customers, performing accounting tasks, and calculating sales taxes owed to the government, among other things. It even provides the option of integrating with Fulfillment By Amazon to completely automate shipping and handling.

Key Benefits

  • Online Business Pro will automate everything in your business, literally. This covers the entire process starting from a customer placing an order online to the arrival of the merchandise at the customer's address. We can integrate third-party fulfillment service such as Fulfillment By Amazon with your business to further automate this process if needed.
  • We will custom fit it to your business. This includes setting up a database server for your product SKUs as well as customer orders and invoices, installing a web based user interface for internal management, installing a public facing web server, and setting up an email server.
  • We will set up one EDI business-to-business transaction processor that includes 810, 855, 856, and 997. The EDI transaction processor is built into Online Business Pro™. There is no monthly fee or per-transaction fee to pay. Everything is processed on your own computer system.
  • Online Business Pro™ includes an ASP.NET based interactive website for customer access. Customers will be able to complete financial transactions via on-site credit card payment processing, PayPal payments, or Google Checkout.
  • Online Business Pro™ provides integration with a third party shipping software for automated shipping label printing from customer online input.
  • You own the computer hardware that is needed to run Online Business Pro™, and you lease your Internet connection directly from your own ISP.
  • Online Business Pro™ is scalable. As your business grows, you simply add more servers.

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